Around since 2004 in Queensland, Lasercom and its team of professionals has 16 years of experience in fibre optic cable installation, civil works, cable hauling, and cable splicing. Also known as jointing, this is important in setting up a network connection that is as efficient, speedy, and reliable as it should be.

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How Splicing Works

Optical fibre splicing is, simply, the process of joining two fibres together. At Lasercom, we utilise the most widely used and efficient cable jointing method, fusion. In this method the two fibres are welded together with specialised automatic machines that weld the fibres together with an electric arc; the fibre ends are heated with electrodes, brought together, and fused.

According to the Fiber Optic Association, fusion is more effective than other cable splice methods because it allows for the lowest connection loss/reflectance and provides the strongest and most reliable joint between fibres.

The most common application for this service is jointing cables where a length requires more than one cable, as well as combining different types of cable or simply connecting commercial or residential systems to a carrier, WAN, or LAN network. Repairs to cables are done in the same way—as they cannot just be twisted or attached back like normal wires, damaged sections are instead removed, and the remaining fibres spliced back together. Whether dealing with single mode, multi-mode, or ribbon fibre cabling, our professionals and their equipment can handle the job.

How We Work

In an ever-changing industry like fibre optics, it is important to choose a service provider that not only has a proven track record for competency and safety but is adaptable and up to date with industry quality standards and methodologies.

We at Lasercom are highly experienced telecom and cable technicians, with guaranteed customer satisfaction, state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date practices, and flexible services. With a fleet of vehicles fully equipped for fibre optic jointing in the field, our certified and accredited cable teams always carry out all jointing and testing work to the highest industry standards. All our installation, testing, and maintenance work is performed with the latest and regularly calibrated equipment to ensure maximum efficiency, minimum signal loss, and superior network performance. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on an exemplary safety record due in no small part to stringent WHS protocols.


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Regardless of the job, our experts are trained and certified in the industry to meet all customer needs efficiently without ever compromising on quality. All our technicians are skilled and experienced in all the aspects of optic fibre splicing, testing, and installation. As the point where telecom network and consumer meet, we ensure you are provided with the best and most reliable high-speed internet, telephone, or data network connection possible.

With the aim of being the top provider of fibre optic installation in Australia, and experts in all aspects including splicing, Lasercom proudly guarantees great workmanship, long-term solutions, and friendly and dependable service. We’re on-time, every time.

Whether dealing with single mode, multi-mode, or ribbon fibre cabling, our professionals and their equipment can handle the job.

For more information on our splicing services, please contact us on 1300 452 737​.

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