NBN Installation

Lasercom has been involved in projects for the rollout of the nbn™ throughout Queensland including some of the states best-known buildings and venues.

We have worked with major service providers including Optus, Visionstream and of course the nbn™.

Our team of qualified experts is experienced in managing and implementing the complete application process of the project.

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Design and Build Options

Design and build options include:

  • NBN Pit and Pipe design
  • NBN Pit and Pipe install
  • Multi dwelling unit pathway design

We have completed this work for residential, commercial, industrial Multi staged developments and Single stage developments.

There are a number of detailed steps in designing and building out NBN broadband access network infrastructure for a development or existing premises.

These options include the following:

Lead-in Conduits (LIC)

Conduits connected to the nbn™ access network directly from the front boundary of the property.

Typically used in developments with:

  • 1 to 8 premises facing an existing road
  • No private roads in the development
  • No additional services that require an nbn™ connection (fire alarms, security systems, elevator phone lines).

Example applications:

  • Single storey house, duplexes, subdivided homes.
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Pit and pipe

  • Conduits installed underground into shared local network pits.

Typically used in developments with:

  • Multiple premises
  • New roads built as part of the development (private roads or public roads to be handed over to the local council).

Example applications:

Super lots, townhouses, retirement villages, schools, and hospitals.

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  • Conduits and cable trays installed into the walls of the building structure.

Typically used in developments with:

  • Multiple commercial premises
  • Additional services that require an nbn™ connection (fire alarms, security systems, elevator phone lines).

Example applications:

High rise apartments or offices.

How We Work

As a qualified and experienced NBN New Developments supplier – designer and installer, we have the capabilities to install the nbn™, done right the first time.

This will ensure that all end-users of the service experience the prescribed nbn™ speeds and connectivity over time.

Developers should be aware that it is their responsibility for providing telecommunications infrastructure to the properties. Depending on the building scenario, you may need to apply to the nbn™ to do so at least six (6) months in advance of the construction phase.

Choosing Your NBN Installer

It’s important to choose a provider that has demonstrated experience and qualifications in the services required.

Lasercom has more than 16 years experience in fibre optic cable installation, telecommunications projects in Queensland.

Our team of experienced technicians can manage your project end to end and complete all the necessary installation steps. We have the latest equipment and technology to complete the work at the highest standards, on time and safely.

We are accredited as an ACRS Master Cabler and certified with nbn™ the Queensland Government and meet all required compliance standards for our industry.

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Contact the team at Lasercom to discuss your next project and see how we can work with you to manage the telecommunications infrastructure from beginning to end. Call us on 1300 452 737 to arrange a consultation.

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