Like any substantial infrastructure project, cable hauling requires meticulous planning, qualified operators and constant attention to reach the desired end state. At Lasercom we have built our trusted reputation through diligence and state of the art operating procedures.

Fibre optic installation and maintenance has developed at a rapid rate due to the ever-increasing role technology plays in our day to day lives. True connectivity is only as reliable as the pathway it takes. Our committed team remains acutely aware of these responsibilities when they undertake any of our projects, which range from complex civil construction through to commercial and residential properties. This versatility sets us apart and reinforces our position as a market innovator.

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Cable hauling in a constantly evolving space

The technological world is a fast-paced environment, constantly updating and evolving. At Lasercom we strive to be at the forefront of the industry through the utilisation of cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Some of these techniques we have introduced in recent times include, but are not limited to:

  • The use of rollers to alleviate tension and bending within the cables
  • Ensuring the correct tension is applied to cables to negate any bending
  • Application of high-quality waterproof sealant to the cables’ ends
  • Exploiting lubricant to lessen friction and damage to the cables
  • Utilising a formula to calculate Jam Ratio which exposes cables to jamming and twisting

Our total commitment to the value of ongoing improvements and their implementation is an absolute cornerstone of our business.

How We Work

Due to the intricate nature of our projects and our vigilance in providing a safe working environment for our personnel and the public at large, the first process we initiate is a comprehensive worksite analysis. The information gathered in this report provides us with a course of action that ensures our customers’ expectations are delivered on time, on budget and critically, with total compliance. All our practices and procedures are in accordance with the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014 as provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Specialised installations such as cable hauling require specialist technicians. Our comprehensively trained team of operators are highly skilled and motivated professionals. Working in a team environment relies on effective communication and trust. Along with their technical skills, these core qualities are also taught in our training packages ensuring our team members’ all-round capability.


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At Lasercom we remain cognisant of the fact that our projects are complex and unique by nature. The numerous stakeholders of each installation are reliant on our expertise. Our ability to foster these working relationships with our customers, and in turn their customers, is a critical component of our service and one we covet.

You can be confident that we can design and construct any size cable hauling installation you require.

Our cable hauling installations create the foundation of an efficient, effective and durable communication network specifically designed to manage any workload.

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