Emergency Electrician

Has the power gone out? Have you detected a burning smell in the air, near lights or around power outlets, a popping sound from the switchboard?

This can be stressful and dangerous to you, your home or business. If you’re experiencing any of these situations, it’s important to call an emergency electrician to come out right away!

Some of the most common causes of electrical emergencies include:

  • Faulty household appliances
  • Faulty office equipment
  • Poor wiring installations
  • Blown fuses
  • Frayed cords
  • Outdated switchboards
  • Rodents and mice
  • Heavy Storm weather
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Contact Us Today

1300 452 737

At Lasercom, we can dispatch an emergency electrician 24/7 to attend your home or business as quickly as possible and fix the issue.

Please note, electrical issues can cause serious damage to homes, buildings, causing fires. If you see flames, call Triple 000 immediately for the Fire Brigade, follow their instructions and exit the building. If someone has been injured or electrocuted, do not touch them and call Triple 000 for an Ambulance.

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How Can We Help With Your Emergency?

We’re committed to providing our customers with fast, affordable electrical services guaranteed to make their homes better and their lives more stress-free. Our residential electrical services include:

We’ve Got You Covered

After we’ve fixed the electrical issue, we can advise on maintenance that should be done to help prevent these issues recurring. This includes installing up to date safety switches, breakers, replacement of power outlets, replacing damaged wiring and switchboard upgrades.

Why Trust Lasercom

Highly Experienced Electricians

Our team of electricians are all fully licensed and qualified to complete your electrical work. We can offer advice to help you save on electricity costs and ensure your electrical system meets current Australian standards.

Tailored Solutions

We will focus on repairing your electrical issues as a priority and work with you to complete only what’s required with no hidden surprises.

Affordable Rates

We offer competitive rates on our services and complete work in an efficient way. Saving you money while getting the best possible result.

Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on professional and friendly customer service. We’ll be on time every time, explain what we’re doing and how it works for you. We also tidy up after every job and leave things as we found them.

Brisbane’s Best Emergency Electrician

With more than 16 years of experience in electrical services, Lasercom is the best choice when you need emergency electrical services at any time of the day.

Our highly trained electricians know how to repair unwanted electrical issues and protect your home or business from major issues.

We can provide electrical services to these areas in SEQ: 

  • Emergency Electrician Brisbane
  • Emergency Electrician Gold Coast
  • Emergency Electrician Sunshine Coast
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Keeping Your Home Connected And Safe

We’ll give you peace of mind that the electrical issue is fully repaired and all measures are put in place to prevent it from recurring.
Contact our team 24/7 if you have an emergency electrical concern.

Lasercom | Accredited Fibre Optic Installer